July 31, 2012

Empties #2

July is over folks! I can't believe how quickly this month passed by, that means my vacation is coming to an end very soon! I've been good at finishing products this month although I will probably not use up enough products to make these posts on a monthly basis in the future.
I recently watched a video from Leigh Ann who discussed her finished products and she actually (hilariously!) put the whole idea of Empties posts/videos in a nutshell:

"Hey, here's my bag of trash, do you guys wanna hear about it?"

July Empties!

I tried to organize them a bit better, first up: SKINCARE!

Balea Soft & Care Makeup Wipes
I think I use one of these packs every month, they're just so convenient to use! They remove my entire face makeup (except for my stubborn mascara), keep my skin in good condition and feel very refreshing.

Balea Clear-Up Stripes
You know these strips you put on your nose in order to remove blackheads? Which in reality make you look like you just had your nose plastered? Well I had a pack for those particular strips for a while, but I honestly forgot to use them all the time and the effect they had on my skin was not that big, so I probably won't repurchase. But hey, at least I looked badass!

Manhattan Clearface Toner
I started using the entire skincare range when I was 15 and I loved it, my skin instantly looked brighter and clearer! But after three or four months of constant usage, I found out it was discontinued *sad face*. So I went into the next drugstore and bought almost every bottle they had left in stock and this toner was one of the last products I had hoarded at home. A brilliant clarifying toner, but sadly not available anymore.

OK, next up: Miscellaneous BODY PRODUCTS!

Garnier Mineral Clean Sensation Deodorant
Good stuff really, but it doesn't live up to my usual Rexona ones and so I won't repurchase this one. Nice smell though!

Balea Shower Gel Pitaya
Pitaya is also known as Dragon Fruit and smells delicious! A friend of mines loves it and so I bought the travel size for holiday. Not the most moisturizing shower gel, but it works for me.

Blend-A-Med 3D White Vitalize
The only whitening toothpaste I have found so far that does make my teeth whiter (a little bit at least!). However, the very big downside of this is that it makes my teeth VERY sensitive!

Last but now least: MAKEUP PRODUCTS!

p2 Base and Care Coat
A nice base coat that dries super quickly and makes applying nail polish so much nicer and easier. It's cheap as chips too!

L'Oréal Super Liner Carbon Gloss (also known as Lineur Intense)
A brilliant liquid liner, it doesn't smudge or flake and really stays put all day. I was obsessed with this last winter, but I won't repurchase immediately since I'm pretty much ditching eyeliner at the moment.

What products have you finished recently?

Nathalie x

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