January 24, 2013

Korres Lip Butter in Quince

Korres is a brand that has intrigued me for quite a long time now. It not being readily available where I live has made me stick to stalking their products online only and with every praise I read, I knew I wanted to try one of their lip butters. After checking out review goddess Adrienne it was Quince that won me over -- a mid-toned blue pink that would add only a hint a color to my everyday makeup while making sure my lips stay in tip top condition.

January 22, 2013

(A wagonload of) Empties #5

Hi guys!
I am very far from being a hoarder or a messie, but I've been meaning to blog about these empty products for a while now and I just haven't gotten around to. I've binned them a long time ago (two months ago I believe?), so there's new trash that will find its way into your subscription boxes soon haha! Since they are an awful lot, I'm just typing down the product names. If you are interested in hearing my opinion on a certain product, please don't hesitate and contact me.

The damage

January 11, 2013

My struggles with blogging

Hi everyone!

Well first of all, thank you for being incredibly patient and not unsubscribing from this blog even though there was approximately zero activity on here for almost three months! I recently decided I wanted to blog again, but only under certain conditions which I am determined to explain to you.

In the past, I always went through phases of blogging and not blogging. In 2013, I want to break this habit. I realized I cannot keep up and post every other day, I've actually never really had the time for it due to being very busy in school and also working at a newspaper as well. Since I am graduating this year, I won't have it in the near future neither. Therefore I plan to take up blogging, but without stressing myself out too much. If I can post once a week, good! If I can post twice, awesome! But if I cannot post at all, well then so be it.

In 2012, the main thing I learned was to enjoy life as much as possible and mainly this: to only do what I really like doing in my free time. I do enjoy blogging, it enables me to write about anything I like and to share my passion with people from all over the world. I like to put as much effort as I can into everything that I am doing and so in 2013, I am going to post less, but aim to improve the quality of my blog posts.

I am thrilled to pick up one of my favorite hobbies again and am very excited to be able to share it with you.

I'll see you in my next post (which will be published within the next three months haha!)

Nathalie x