September 30, 2011

Nail Polish Trends F/W 2011

Hey guys,
I can't stop buying nail polish this fall (too many beautiful colors). Reading at your own risk!


The picture is from here

In fall and winter, you generally wear darker colors that in summer. But the new dark green nail polishes are just to die for. Extremely shiny, extremely covering, extremely pretty. I'm sure you'll find your perfect shade very soon!

Colors to consider:
• Deborah Lippmann "Billionaire" (shown in the picture)
• Chanel "Péridot"
• Essie "Going Incognito"


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Summer = turquoise. Fall = everything that's darker. This fall, there's a variety of beautiful blue nail polishes to choose from which makes it really hard to decide which one to buy.

Colors to consider:
• Dior Vernis "Blue Denim" (shown in the picture)
• Sephora by OPI "My Personal Serpent"
• OPI "Russian Navy"
• Essie "Midnight Cami"
• Chanel "Blue Satin"


The picture is from here

Plum has always been a good choice for fall/winter, but this season, there are so many pretty shades coming up! No matter if you prefer a lighter purple or a darker one, you'll make a find!

Colors to consider:
• OPI "Lincoln Park at Midnight" (shown in the picture)
• Butter London 3-Free Nail Lacquer "Toff"
• MAC "Rain of Flowers"
• Sephora by OPI "Eve-y on the Eyes"
• Essie "Bahama Mama"


The picture is from here
This fall, our nails will be metallic, shimmery and rusty. Preferably all at once. Rusty colors are super cool as well as all kinds of silver or golden metallic shades (tried out gunmetal yet?). So many choices!

Colors to consider:
• Chanel "Graphite" (shown in the picture)
• Essie "Very Structured"
• Deborah Lippmann "Brick House"
• Zoya "Freja"
• China Glaze "Ruby Pumps"

What are your favorite nail polishes for fall/winter 2011?

xo, Nathalie

September 29, 2011

Fall is coming: 3 tips for transforming your beauty routine

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1. Get rich!
In summer, your skin needs light formulated products like wash gels, light moisturizers and hydrating face masks. In fall and winter, your skin will be exposed to a constant temperature change of cold (outside) and quite hot (inside), so it's important to protect it and help it regenarating. Start using wash lotions and creams with a richer formula again. Also make sure that your toner does not contain too much alcohol (or is alcohol free) because alcohol dries out your skin a lot which is not a big deal in summer but in fall/winter. To pamper your skin additionally, use a deeply moisturizing face mask every once in a while.

2. Ditch the brights!
When days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer, nobody wants to see you running around with a bright turquoise eye liner and electric pink lipstick.
Time for some fall shades! Any kinds of darker colors will work perfectly. Try out deep purple, dark green or a navy, darkish blue for eyeshadow colors if you're sick of dark brown and black. For blush, I'd suggest more bronzy, brown colors and not bright pinks or even lilacs. Find a neutral, down-to-earth shade that works for your skin tone. Prefer richer lipsticks over lipgloss. For lipsticks, stick to neutral shades or try out deeper reds or burgundy colors.
But always remember: Choose either your eyes OR your lips to stand out!

3. Stay natural!
Your skin has to deal with so many different external influences, so don't overdo your makeup. Flawless skin is in right now, but you want it to look flawless and not caky, so don't take too much foundation/concealer/powder to cover up your imperfections. Make sure you use a color that fits your skin! Most people's skin is lighter in winter, so you probably will have to go buy new face makeup one or two shades lighter that your summer shade.

Have fun trying out some new makeup looks (or purchasing lots of new stuff at the drugstore)!

xx, Nathalie

Unbelievable: 365 layers of makeup applied in one day

Hey guys!
Today I stumbled across this precise, surreal video. I still don't know if I like it or not, it's pretty confusing I would say.

It's about the dutch duo Lernert & Sander that wants to criticize the cosmetic overkill by applying 365 layers of makeup on a model in one day. It took 9 hours (!) to film it and so the model was fed through a straw.

All in all, they used seven bottles of foundation, two bottles of dark brown cream eyeshadow, three lipstick pens and two bottles of liquid blush (see product details on the video website).

All products are by Ellis Faas.

Lernert & Sander: Natural Beauty on

What are your thoughts on this video?

xo, Nathalie

September 23, 2011

La crème de la crème of youtube beauty gurus

Hey guys!
As promised, I'm going to do my post about my favorite youtube beauty channels today. I discovered them over a good 6 months, so you can be sure that I really like them and that their tips are good. Of course this is just my personal opinion!


Who is she? Laura "Blair" Fowler (18) is a MUST for everyone who starts watching youtube makeup videos. Her channel has already received over 154 millions views. In 2011, she had a background role in the Disney movie 'Prom'.
What does she do? On her beauty channel, there are lots of haul videos and really good makeup tutorials. Blair also owns a vlog channel (otherjuicystar07). She and her sister Elle own the website and on top of that, the two just released a cell phone accessory line called 'Cellairis'. They also own an online shop for personalized stuff called
Twitter & Facebook? @juicystar007 & blairfowlerofficial


Who is she? Lisa "Elle" Fowler (23) is Blair's older sister. She had started doing youtube videos first and made Blair start doing them. She shares an appartment in L.A. with Blair who she considers her best friend.
What does she do? Elle does a lot of good series like 'Back To School Series', 'Travel Series' or 'Beauty DIY'. She also runs a vlog channel (EllesGlitterGossip). For the rest, see above.
Twitter & Facebook? @ellefowler & ellefowlerofficial


Who is she? Ingrid (22) is youtube's sweetheart. She has already been featured in 'Seventeen' Magazine as a Beauty Smartie.
What does she do? Ingrid does very good makeup tutorials (like a sweatproof one for summer) or just how to wing out your eye liner perfectly. Her vlog channel is really funny (TheGridMonster).
Twitter & Facebook? @missglamorazzi & Missglamorazzi


Who is she? Allison (22) has not one of the most famous channels, but is definitely worth watching!
What does she do? Allison has great makeup tutorials (easy to do!) on her channel as well as some really good videos such as 'Q&A: Beauty', reviews and nail polish related videos. Also check out her vlog channel (Allisonvlogs) for more personal videos!
Twitter & Facebook Website? @amarixe &


Who is she? Caitlin (17) started blogging only last year, but has already raised more than 60,000 subscribers. She has already been featured on
What does she do? Caitlin makes really good, usually wearable makeup tutorials, but also nail tutorials.
Twitter & Facebook? @glamourista16 (you must send a follow request) & Glamourista16


Who is she? California Gurl Bethany (15 ) started blogging/vlogging in 2009 at the age of 13. As glamourista16, she has been featured on
What does she do? Amazing hair tutorials! The tags (e.g. Fall loves) are must-sees!
Twitter & Facebook? @Macbarbie07 & MacBarbie07


Who is she? Fleur (23) from London, England decided to start filming videos after showing one to her mom.
What does she do? She owns an amazing blog (!! Besides that, really good reviews and tutorials.
Twitter & Facebook? @Fleurdeforce & Fleur de Force


Who is she? Tiffany is probably one of the "older" youtube bloggers, but she's one of the best! Definitely make sure to check out her channel!
What does he do? Makeup tutorials to die for (so simple and wearable!), good basic videos (like "How to contour your face"). Also check out her blog! (
Twitter & Facebook? @TiffanyLD & Makeupbytiffanyd


Who is she? Jessica Harlow started blogging in 2009 and is says she is addicted to glamour and fashion.
What does she do? A really nice blog (, super quick and amazing makeup tutorials and she always cheers you up by using a sweet quote at the end of each video.
Twitter & Facebook? @JessicaHarlow & Jessica Harlow

So ..these are currently all of my favorite beauty channels on youtube. If you guys know any other interesting channels, let me know in the comments!

x Nathalie

Cutest outfit on the block: Pippa's Sweater Dress

I love this cute, neutral knitted dress paired with a skinny belt and color-matching boots. To add some of her personal style, she combines it with her favorite bag, the Pippa Bag by Modalu (yes, it has been named after her!) She looks so effortless, but also very put together.

xo Nathalie

September 21, 2011

Daily perfection: Olivia Palermo

Olivia just looks incredibly amazing. Her hair is PERFECT, her skin is dewy and nice and just take a look at her (false) lashes! The dress matches her hair and skin color perfectly. It's simply beautiful.

xo Nathalie

via Glamour UK

September 17, 2011

I'm featured on NYX Cosmetics tumblr!

Hi guys!

I already posted it on twitter, so you might already know it: I have been featured on !
I saw their tweet where they asked people to tell them about the first time they wore makeup, and so I did!

Click here to read the full story.

Follow NYX Cosmetics on twitter: @NyxCosmetics

If you also wanna share your makeup story, submit it to

x Nathalie

Travel Makeup Bag Necessities

 Hey guys!

So.... I have been watching lots of youtube beauty videos lately (post about my favorites coming soon!). I really loved the Travel Makeup Bag videos, so I decided to blog about my essentials.

I'd be VERY interested in what YOU guys have in your travel makeup bags, so please leave a comment because I'm really curious!

OK, but let's start:

• Hand Sanitizer
I really think it's important to have one with you, because you never know what you will get in contact with and I think it's really horrible not to have water and soap then. That's the reason why I always carry around it with me (have I mentioned it also kills bacteria & viruses?) I like to use it before and after lunch or whenever I feel like my hands are dirty.

• Blotting Paper
This is an optional necessity depending on your skin type. I unfortunately have very oily skin, therefore I never leave the house without paper. It soaks off the sebum and the sweat from your skin, and I absolutely love it! These are from MAC, btw.

• Powder in my skin tone

After using blotting paper, I always feel like my skin is still too shiny, so I usually take out my powder box and mattify my skin with it. My favorite is the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, I really like the finish it gives me.

• Original Carmex Jar
I have tried out so many chapsticks, but this one is the only one that is really able to repare my lips completely in a short time. I even smear it on my cuticles sometimes if I don't have a cuticle gel or something. I SWEAR BY IT!

• Boots Essentials Lip Salve Original (or any other chapstick that you love)

I discovered this chapstick when I was in England last year, and this is my absolute favorite chapstick. It really protects my lips without "overcaring" (is that a word?!) them. I also own the tinted lip salve and the Strawberry flavored one because I really love them!

• Nude Lipgloss
Lipgloss is something very essential for me. I prefer lipgloss over lipstick, it's just lighter and I feel it's more comfortable to wear. I always have a nude color with me because it works with every outfit and in every situation (you never know!) The picture above shows Jouer Lipgloss in color 'wind'.

• Hand Cream
No question. Every girl/woman should own hand cream & carry it! At the moment I love "Hand Food" by Soap & Glory, the smell is amazing and it really moisturizes my skin.

• Hair ties and bobby pins

My hair is constantly driving me crazy, so that's why I always have bobby pins and hair ties with me.

These are my personal essentials!

x Nathalie