September 29, 2011

Unbelievable: 365 layers of makeup applied in one day

Hey guys!
Today I stumbled across this precise, surreal video. I still don't know if I like it or not, it's pretty confusing I would say.

It's about the dutch duo Lernert & Sander that wants to criticize the cosmetic overkill by applying 365 layers of makeup on a model in one day. It took 9 hours (!) to film it and so the model was fed through a straw.

All in all, they used seven bottles of foundation, two bottles of dark brown cream eyeshadow, three lipstick pens and two bottles of liquid blush (see product details on the video website).

All products are by Ellis Faas.

Lernert & Sander: Natural Beauty on

What are your thoughts on this video?

xo, Nathalie

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