September 17, 2011

Travel Makeup Bag Necessities

 Hey guys!

So.... I have been watching lots of youtube beauty videos lately (post about my favorites coming soon!). I really loved the Travel Makeup Bag videos, so I decided to blog about my essentials.

I'd be VERY interested in what YOU guys have in your travel makeup bags, so please leave a comment because I'm really curious!

OK, but let's start:

• Hand Sanitizer
I really think it's important to have one with you, because you never know what you will get in contact with and I think it's really horrible not to have water and soap then. That's the reason why I always carry around it with me (have I mentioned it also kills bacteria & viruses?) I like to use it before and after lunch or whenever I feel like my hands are dirty.

• Blotting Paper
This is an optional necessity depending on your skin type. I unfortunately have very oily skin, therefore I never leave the house without paper. It soaks off the sebum and the sweat from your skin, and I absolutely love it! These are from MAC, btw.

• Powder in my skin tone

After using blotting paper, I always feel like my skin is still too shiny, so I usually take out my powder box and mattify my skin with it. My favorite is the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder, I really like the finish it gives me.

• Original Carmex Jar
I have tried out so many chapsticks, but this one is the only one that is really able to repare my lips completely in a short time. I even smear it on my cuticles sometimes if I don't have a cuticle gel or something. I SWEAR BY IT!

• Boots Essentials Lip Salve Original (or any other chapstick that you love)

I discovered this chapstick when I was in England last year, and this is my absolute favorite chapstick. It really protects my lips without "overcaring" (is that a word?!) them. I also own the tinted lip salve and the Strawberry flavored one because I really love them!

• Nude Lipgloss
Lipgloss is something very essential for me. I prefer lipgloss over lipstick, it's just lighter and I feel it's more comfortable to wear. I always have a nude color with me because it works with every outfit and in every situation (you never know!) The picture above shows Jouer Lipgloss in color 'wind'.

• Hand Cream
No question. Every girl/woman should own hand cream & carry it! At the moment I love "Hand Food" by Soap & Glory, the smell is amazing and it really moisturizes my skin.

• Hair ties and bobby pins

My hair is constantly driving me crazy, so that's why I always have bobby pins and hair ties with me.

These are my personal essentials!

x Nathalie

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