March 24, 2012

Songs I love at the moment #1

There's quite a lot of R&B in this list, but somehow I've been loving this genre lately.

Pitbull feat. Chris Brown - International Love

R.I.O. feat. U-Jean - Turn This Club Around

Sean Paul - She Doesn't Mind

What are your current favorite songs?

Nathalie xx

March 20, 2012

Spring Time! Outfit + Eye Of The Day!

So guys, as today spring officially starts and the days get warmer and sunnier, I thought I might do a little post about it :)
I wore this cute floral blouse by H&M today which I'm absolutely obsessed with. It's colorful, flattery and literally screams spring. I paired it with a fleshtoned top (also by H&M) underneath and light blue skinny jeans (H&M as well). For shoes, I wore my lavender colored ballet flats (see them here).

My makeup routine is pretty simple in the morning as I still prefer sleep over contouring, highlighting and other fancy stuff like that. My usual look consists of black eyeliner on the outer two thirds of my upper lash line and very black lashes. Today, I wanted to give it a twist and so I picked out a purple eyeliner and applied it to that area just under my lower lash line. Then (fancy me!) I smudged some purple eyeshadow on top of it. This adds a nice pop of color, doesn't it?

Are you excited for spring as well?

Nathalie xx

March 19, 2012

Lovely Quotes #3

"The only people
who can change the world
Are the people who want to.
And not everybody does."
 Hugh MacLeod 

"Love is the triumph of
Imagination over intelligence."
 H. L. Mencken  

"Don't aim at success-
The more you aim at it
And make it a target,
The more you are going to miss it."
 Victor Frankl

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March 17, 2012

Loads of Empties!

I know it seems crazy, but I actually managed it to use up ALL of my body lotions! This has done me proud because I'm usually waaaay to lazy to use this after my shower (my skin is normal, so I always feel like I don't really need it). But I did force myself to use more body lotion with the result that my skin is soft and smooth and nice. I will definitely keep on doing that!

So here are the empties:

Garnier Intensive 7 Days Body Lotion Mango, 400ml

I love everything about this body lotion. It moisturizes extremely well (and the moisture lasts a good 4-5 days!), it smells divine and it absorbs quickly.
Repurchase? Hell yes!

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Moisturizing Body Lotion, 75ml each
I got these two samples last year and enjoyed using them up: They moisturize very well and absorb quickly. What I don't like so much is that they're pretty much scentless. But it's a very satisfying body lotion though!
Repurchase: No.

Do you have any empties right now?

Nathalie xx

March 12, 2012

What I Did Last Weekend

My blog is called "Adventures of a 17-year old" which might sound a little exaggerated but hands down: Who doesn't want a lil' drama? Throughout the weekend, I took pictures of what I did this weekend to share an "average" weekend of mine with you. Not too exciting, but maybe interesting to read though (I admit, I'm nosey myself!)


8.30 AM: Getting up, taking a shower, having breakfast, getting hair & makeup done

10 AM: Driving to town, listening to Colbie Caillat on my iPod

10.30 AM: Buying magazines at the newspaper stand

11 AM: Buying some necessities at the drugstore (and sneaking around haha!)

11.30 AM: Reading the march issue of Vogue and picking up a few books at the public library

1 PM: Having lunch at home

2 PM: Vacuuming the apartment and cleaning it

3 PM: Reading some fashion magazines at home (and doing some other stuff)

7 PM: Having dinner

8 PM: Watching a movie on my laptop


10 AM: Getting up, having breakfast, taking a bath

11 AM: Helping my mom in the kitchen

1 PM: Having lunch with the family

4 PM: Having coffee and cake while watching TV (winter sports)

Hazelnut cake... Nom nom nom!
5 PM: Organizing school stuff and doing homework

6 PM: Editing drafts and writing new blog posts

7 PM: Having dinner

8 PM: Watching TV

Haha, that was probably one of the laziest and most boring weekends ever, but that's just how it is! Normally, I meet my friends in town and sometimes I also go out, but this weekend was just plain and simple.

Nathalie xxx

March 11, 2012

Lovely Quotes #2

"Be yourself,
Everyone else is already taken."
— Oscar Wilde

"I never think of the future -
It comes soon enough."
— Albert Einstein

"You have enemies? Good.
That means you've stood up for something,
sometime in your life."
— Winston Churchill

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March 9, 2012

The Daily Nail: Catrice Moulin Rouge Light

1x base coat, 2x Catrice nail polish
The full name of the nail polish is Catrice Ultimate Nudes 050 Moulin Rouge Light. I purchased this last year, wore it a bunch of times and then neglected it for a long time (even though I own similar colors!). But for spring, I digged this out and I feel like this is a really pretty peachy pink beige shade, especially when it gets warmer and sunnier.
The polish requires two coats, otherwise it looks quite streaky and sheer.

What are you wearing on your nails right now?

Nathalie xx

March 7, 2012

Everyday Eye Makeup: Quick, Easy and Crease-free!

Hey lovelies!

Today I went through my collection, found some lovely eyeshadows and fell in love with them again. So I just created a very quick makeup look this morning and thought I would show it to you! The best thing about this look is: it doesn't crease on me (and I have very oily lids!).

So to keep it short and sweet, here's how to get the look:

1. Apply an eye primer all over you lid to make your shadows last all day.
2. Take a shimmery beige cream shadow and put it all over your lid.
3. Use a big shader brush and swipe some light beige shadow with a pearl finish over the cream shadow.
4. Take a big fluffy brush and contour your crease with a matte medium brown eye shadow.
5. Line your upper lash line with a chocolate brown eyeliner (and use it to slightly darken your lower lash line as well).
6. Curl your lashes and apply your favorite mascara.

That's it! You can do this look in five minutes and you will look absolutely gorgeous wherever you go that day!

Extra tip: Use a rosy blush on your cheeks and a light pink lipstain on your lips to add some color to your face.

I hope you enjoyed this look!

Nathalie x

March 5, 2012

Lovely Quotes #1

"Don't walk behind me
I may not lead.
Don't walk in front of me
I may not follow.
Just walk beside me
And be my friend."
— Albert Camus

"Only from the heart
Can you touch the sky."
— Jalal ad-Din Rumi

"For one human being to love another
That is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks,
The ultimate, the last test and proof,
The work for which all other work
Is but preparation."
— Rainer Maria Rilke 

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March 4, 2012

Sunday Routine: Cleaning The Makeup Brushes

Hands down everyone: How often do you clean your makeup brushes? I admit that I also never put a lot of effort in keeping them nice and clean, but then I kinda realized that I probably should, especially to beat the nasty bacteria which love breeding on dirty brushes.
I normally don't apply makeup on sundays anyways which makes it the perfect day for cleaning them (and starting fresh into the new week).

What I do: Nothing special actually, but here's a litte guide on how to clean your brushes the right way:
1. Take your brush and hold it down so that the bristles show down (this avoids that water gets inside your brush which might cause the glue to be washed off and so the bristles will fall out)
2. Thoroughly wet the brush under lukewarm water.
3. Take a peasize amount of shampoo into your hand and start to swirl the brush in it. It will foam up and all the dirt comes out of the bristles.
4. Wash out any residue with lukewarm water (remember: the bristles show down!).
5. Lay you clean brushes down horizontally on a towel and allow them to dry (you can also use brush guards).

Shampoo recommendations:
• Baby shampoo
It's a very sensitive shampoo, but does not foam up too well, so there's a risk of residues on your brush. But works if you wash out your brushes properly.
• Deep-Cleansing Shampoo
My shampoo of preference. Foams up nicely and removes any dirt and residue.

I hope this post was helpful for you. If you have any further questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Have a great sunday!

Nathalie xx

March 3, 2012

February Favorites: Makeup, TV, Apps and more!

My first monthly favorites post ever! Hope you all have been doing well this past month, I know I'm a little late with this post, but better late than never, haha. I didn't have too many beauty favorites as I usually follow my routine using the same products, but I thought I'd mention a few of them and try to incorporate other favorites that are not so much related with makeup or beauty.

Starting with makeup, I'd love to mention these three products that I have been using a lot lately:

Rimmel Powder Blush Pink Sugar
I like to switch up my blushes so that I will make use of each of them and I recently digged this out of my container again and loved it! Gives me a nice flush with a bit of shimmer to it.

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer Classic Beige
Brilliant for undereye circles, especially for the heavy ones I suffer from due to a lack of sleep (yep, school is hard). It covers them and also brightenes my undereye area and overall makes me look like I just slept for 12 hours!

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Pinky Beige
I've been raving about this and wearing it a zillion times (see my blogpost here). The perfect nude that doesn't wash you out and adds a bit of color to your lips. Love!

I've bought a couple of these essnce nail poilshes in Feb because the colors really appealed to me and for €1.29 you can't say know I guess! I even got the two left ones on sale for €0.99! The lasting power of these is nothing to rave about, but with a decent top coat, they survive a good 3-4 days.
Colors from top to bottom: Dress for a moment, No more drama (both discontinued), Walk on air


I don't wanna portrait my actual phone, but here you have the packaging, I think that should be enough. I got this 2 or 3 days ago ("Why the hell is she featuring this in her february favorites then?!"), but I absolutely love this, so I just have to feature it :)


The picture is from here
Of course: WHAT'S APP! How can you not love that feeling of being with your friends all the time and being able to chat about silly things?! Not to mention the smileys! I'm officially addicted.

I don't feel like wearing Converse all the time, and when it's getting warmer, I like to switch to ballet flats as they're a little more romantic and so comfy and light! I got these lavender flats in a german department store on sale last year (10 bucks, ain't that a bargain?) and now that they're a little worn, I wanna wear them all the time.

I got this scarf at H&M at the end of January and nearly wore this every single day in February. I love that it's feeling so silky and flowy and plus, it makes the simple t-shirt, jeans and flats outfit look more polished and girly.

The picture is from here
That has to be "The City" for this month, I watched both seasons during my 1-week holiday in the middle of February and I'm kinda sad that there isn't a third season actually! The mix of love, intrigues and fashion is so addictive!

What are your favorites this month? Leave them in the comments if you want to!

Nathalie xx