March 20, 2012

Spring Time! Outfit + Eye Of The Day!

So guys, as today spring officially starts and the days get warmer and sunnier, I thought I might do a little post about it :)
I wore this cute floral blouse by H&M today which I'm absolutely obsessed with. It's colorful, flattery and literally screams spring. I paired it with a fleshtoned top (also by H&M) underneath and light blue skinny jeans (H&M as well). For shoes, I wore my lavender colored ballet flats (see them here).

My makeup routine is pretty simple in the morning as I still prefer sleep over contouring, highlighting and other fancy stuff like that. My usual look consists of black eyeliner on the outer two thirds of my upper lash line and very black lashes. Today, I wanted to give it a twist and so I picked out a purple eyeliner and applied it to that area just under my lower lash line. Then (fancy me!) I smudged some purple eyeshadow on top of it. This adds a nice pop of color, doesn't it?

Are you excited for spring as well?

Nathalie xx

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