March 12, 2012

What I Did Last Weekend

My blog is called "Adventures of a 17-year old" which might sound a little exaggerated but hands down: Who doesn't want a lil' drama? Throughout the weekend, I took pictures of what I did this weekend to share an "average" weekend of mine with you. Not too exciting, but maybe interesting to read though (I admit, I'm nosey myself!)


8.30 AM: Getting up, taking a shower, having breakfast, getting hair & makeup done

10 AM: Driving to town, listening to Colbie Caillat on my iPod

10.30 AM: Buying magazines at the newspaper stand

11 AM: Buying some necessities at the drugstore (and sneaking around haha!)

11.30 AM: Reading the march issue of Vogue and picking up a few books at the public library

1 PM: Having lunch at home

2 PM: Vacuuming the apartment and cleaning it

3 PM: Reading some fashion magazines at home (and doing some other stuff)

7 PM: Having dinner

8 PM: Watching a movie on my laptop


10 AM: Getting up, having breakfast, taking a bath

11 AM: Helping my mom in the kitchen

1 PM: Having lunch with the family

4 PM: Having coffee and cake while watching TV (winter sports)

Hazelnut cake... Nom nom nom!
5 PM: Organizing school stuff and doing homework

6 PM: Editing drafts and writing new blog posts

7 PM: Having dinner

8 PM: Watching TV

Haha, that was probably one of the laziest and most boring weekends ever, but that's just how it is! Normally, I meet my friends in town and sometimes I also go out, but this weekend was just plain and simple.

Nathalie xxx

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