October 12, 2012

My Week(s) On Instagram #9 (LIFE UPDATE!)

Hi guys!

I know it's been forever and a day since I wrote my last post on here (probably like two weeks ago!?) but I was truly busy and also had some health problems - namely a laceration plus concussion - that knocked me out and made the whole process of working like a mad women a bit more difficult. I thought I'd give you a little update on that and at the same time tell you I might stay a little more absent on here than I like to be for at least a couple more weeks. I haven't been instagramming much, simply because there's not too many exciting things in my everyday life haha! Anyway, on to the photos...

Tuesday, 9am at the train station // Favorite shower gel all the way from France // Appreciating fall

Cheeky MAC purchase // Casual fall chic // Cookie monster muffins, courtesy of my friend Julia aka @jeany93

Out and about with my sunnies on // Feasting on pasta, my all time favorite food // Hoarding beauty trash, how glam!

Spotted my future husband in the H&M fall catalog // Loving this Keane song // Little Miss Sunshine :-)

I'm off to Berlin next week, so I'll try to maybe schedule one or two posts for you then and also do my September Favorites!

Nathalie x