April 29, 2012

My week on Instagram #1

My friend Hannah and I got friendship bracelets // Burning my Flower Power candle // Laying by the river with Hannah

Full face of makeup for the first time in ages // Revising and eating // Working countless hours on a presentation

Embracing my love for Ben & Jerry's // Wearing bright bracelets // Treating myself with NY cheese cake

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Lovely Quotes #6

"I had rather attempt something great and fail,
Than to attempt nothing at all and succeed."
 Robert H. Schuller

"Success is not the key to happiness.
Happiness is the key to success.
If you love what you are doing
You will be successful."
— Albert Schweitzer

"Discipline is just choosing between
What you want now and
What you want most."

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April 23, 2012

L'Oréal Rouge Caresse

I'm sure that if you're a beauty blog addict like me you will have read a few reviews on this lipstick already. So without further ado, I'm just going to note down my thoughts on this quite unsual lipstick. The color I have is 401 Rebel Red.

The lipstick comes in a solid gold packaging with a clear cap. The shape reminds me of the other L'Oréal lipsticks (Color Riche and Color Riche Serum).

The special feature of these lipsticks clearly is the formula which is fairly new to the market. These are so called Lipstick Hybrids which means that they moisturize your lips like a good lipbalm or lip butter while delivering a settle amount of color unlike tinted lipbalms which really just add a sheen to the lips. 

When unpacking this lipstick for the first time I admit that the color scared me a lot since it's a bright tomato red. But when applying it, I noticed how sheer and yet pigmented the color actually is, hybrid is definitely the best word to desribe this new type of lipstick/lip butter.

They are comparable to the oh-so-famous Revlon lip butters, but unfortunately it's nearly impossible to get Revlon in Germany, so in case you're interested in a comparison, I'll link you to Adrienne's blog here.

The lipstick goes on so smoothly, it glides on like a light lipbalm but it's so moisturizing that this description doesn't really work. I find these to hydrate my lips very well and at the same time, they're really light weight which is amazing. When it comes to lasting power, I had to touch it up after maybe two hours?

These lipsticks have already come out in the UK and will be released in Germany in the middle of may. They sell for £7.99 in the UK and will cost about €10 in Germany.

I have found these lipsticks to be really satisfying, they deliver just the right amount of color for everyday and are absolutely outstanding in terms of hydrating the lips. I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled and I will make sure to pick up another one of those in a neutral shade.

Nathalie xx

Disclaimer: This lipstick was sent to me for free by L'Oréal. All opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored.

April 19, 2012

Best Looks of Coachella 2012

Singer Katy Perry sporting (her new) purple hair, floral dress and ripped tights.

Emma Watson in a zebra striped jump suit and sandy beige Joie flats. Cute hat!

Kate Bosworth pulls that laid-back boho chic off like no one else and looks stunning in distressed shorts, desert boots and embroidered cardigan.

Glee Starlet Lea Michele shining in a white boyfriend shirt and the most beautiful wedges ever.

Lauren Conrad looking like a beautiful hippie in Free People shorts, barely there flats and 70es sunglasses.

Gossip Girl Villain Michelle Trachtenberg plays it safe with her boho inspired maxi dress, denim jacket and Vintage bag.

Vanessa Hudgens dressing boho chic to perfection wearing floral bandeau, denim shorts, headband and loose beachy waves.

Fashion designer Whitney Port looking stunning in a self-designed graphic top and pattern shorts.

Which look was your favorite?

Nathalie xx

Photo Credits: nydailynews.com, graziadaily.co.uk, posh24.com, iluxurystyle.com, celebuzz.com, accesshollywood.com

April 17, 2012

The Daily Nail: Fuchsia Madness

essence Eclipse LE "Don't bite me - kiss me"
So I know that Tangerine Tango actually was chosen color of the year by the guys from Pantone, but let's be clear: for a pale and cool skin-toned lady orange is not really the preferred color when it comes to buying clothes, lipsticks or nail polishes. In my opinion, there are way better colors for ladies like me and fuschia is one of them.

Shown above is essence "Don't bite me, kiss me" from the Eclipse LE (Summer 2010). I've obviously had this varnish forever and when I was going through my collection, this caught my eye again. I'm not going to rave about this color too much because as much as I love it, it's not sold anymore. What I would like to point out though is that it does have a fine blue-ish purple shimmer to it which is quite unusual and makes the polish even more pretty.

So for those of you who are interested in a similar color, here you have some other polishes that I think are at least equally beautiful:

Photo is from here
Essie "Big Spender"

Photo is from here
OPI "Miami Beet"

Are you going to try this color on your nails?

Nathalie xx

April 14, 2012

Healthy Dinner: Tuna Sandwich + Carrot Salad

This dish (if you can call it a dish) is a staple in my somehow-still-quite-small recipe collection. I always have the ingredients at home which is amazing for days like today when I'm craving for some comfortable food that is going to satisfy me and fill me up but yet can be called healthy.
It's super simple and doesn't involve any cooking, it's just a few steps and I'm ready to eat whilst sitting on my sofa watching 90ies chick flicks.


I shred one big carrot, mix it with a few spritzes of lemon juice and add a little bit of sunflower oil. Then I lightly season with salt and pepper.


I put half a can of tuna into a small bowl and lightly tear it to bits with a fork. I dice one hard-boiled egg and add it as well as two teaspoons of low fat cream cheese and one teaspoon of sandwich cream. I mix everything and season with salt and pepper.
In the meanwhile I roast a generous piece of French Bread so that it's yummy and crunchy again (It was left from breakfast this morning). I halve it and put a generous amount of my tuna salad on it.

Note: It's all about being generous. :-)

Nathalie x

April 13, 2012

Lovely Quotes #5

Slow down and enjoy life.
It's not only the scenery you miss
By going too fast -
You also miss the sense
Of where you are going and why.
 Eddie Cantor

A positive attitude may not
Solve all your problems,
But it will annoy enough people
To make it worth the effort.
 Herm Albright

To love is to receive a glimpse of heaven.
 Karen Sunde

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April 11, 2012

Ombré Nails

I actually like my manicure to be easily done and my nails to look polished and flawless. But every once in a while, I'm in the mood for a change and I guess you can never resist a good trend manicure, right?

The trend I'm talking about this time is called Ombré Nails. This means that you start with a light color all over your nail and then you gradiently sponge darker colors on top. The important factor is to stay within the same color family. I searched the web before to learn about different methods to apply the polish and on my research I stumbled across this version by The Beauty Department (click here).
I have to admit I have found this to be rather difficult and so I just decided to create this mani off the top of my head. I used three purple colors, but you could also use blues or reds instead.

What you need:

• base coat
• 3 different nail polishes: a light color, a dark color and one color in between the two.
• an old makeup sponge (or a new one, doesn't matter)
• a quick-dry top coat
• cotton swaps and nail polish remover to clean up the mess you may have created (I did!)

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

#1: Apply one coat of your favorite base coat to your nails.

#2: Apply two thin coats of the lightest color on to your nails.

#3: Take the sponge and apply the mid color on to one edge; then sponge the color on to two thirds of your nail.

#4: Apply the dark color on to another clean edge of your sponge and sponge that on the first third of your nails.

#5: Apply some more dark color on to your sponge, but only apply it to the very ends of your nail.

#6: Check your nail and make sure it's a proper color gradient.

#7: Apply one coat of your top coat to smooth out the surface, add shine and prevent chipping.

#8: Dip a cotton swap into nail polish remover to remove the mess around your nails.

If you created this, please send me a picture! I hope you liked this!

Lots of love,
Nathalie xx

April 9, 2012

Skincare Empties!

Hey everyone!
So, I'm really starting to feel successful and happy as my 2012 project seems to go really nicely so far. I aim at emptying as many products as possible, first of all to use up all the half-empty products lingering around in my bathroom and on my makeup table and secondly to motivate myself to use some products more often (like eye cream for example).

Nivea Visage Daily Essentials Toner

This is the second bottle I've emptied of this and I still really like it. It's a wonderful refreshment after cleansing your skin and it's moisturizing which is even important if you have oily skin like I do. I'm about to get my third bottle!

Neutrogena Visibly Clear Daily Moisturizer

I had heard lots of good things about this product and so I went ahead and got a tube of this. It's a lovely everyday moisturizer, it's absorbed very quickly leaving your skin soft and healthy. It claims to minimize marks from previous blemishes whilst preventing new ones which I think is true, although I don't believe that my skin has cleared up only because of this moisturizer as I've tried out a bunch of other skincare products during the last couple of months, too. But overall, it's a great product for a great price and I already have a backup of this at home.

Do you have any recent empties? Or are you even participating in Project Pan?

Nathalie xx

April 8, 2012

Spring Haul (Shoes, Clothes, Beauty)

I was out and about yesterday and as I'm in terrible need to update my wardrobe a bit, I got a few things.

I absolutely adore these ballet flats by Graceland. They are a very deep, chocolatey brown color and made of two different fabrics. Even though there's some patent leather on them, they're so comfortable!

I got this three-quarter sleeve at a store called Pimkie. The color is totally out of my comfort zone, but my friend Hannah pushed me into trying this on and so I did. The color looked fantastic on me, it especially worked well with my hair color, so I had to get this.

The blue shirt is by H&M and I actually purchased this last week. I loved the color and it looked fabulous and so I couldn't resist. I love the button-down a lot! (see above)

Then I went to The Body Shop (I had a voucher and got 20% off with Glamour Shopping Card).

I had been wanting this skincare set for so long and finally took the splurge. It's the Seewead Range which is made for oily/combination skin. It contains a wash gel, a toner, a day cream and a night treatment. Can't wait to try this!

I had seen this conditioner online and when I was in store, I just grabbed it, smelled it and - Oh my gosh - this stuff smells heavenly! It's the Rainforest Shine Conditioner and as it's silicon free and everything, I purchased a mini-sized one (60ml / 2 fl.oz.)

I bought stuff for more than 20 bucks and so I received a sample size (50 ml/1.69 oz) of the Chocomania Body Butter. And of course a little sample, this time I got the Sweet Lemon Body Butter. We'll see how I like these :)

That's it for now, I have to say that I'm really happy with my purchases. One of my 2012 goals is to add more color to my wardrobe and this was definitely a good start!

What did you buy lately?

Nathalie xx

April 4, 2012

Lauren Conrad US Glamour Cover Shoot May 2012

Lauren Conrad is one of my favorite style icons and I think her editorial for the May Issue of US Glamour is fabulous!

April 3, 2012

Lovely Quotes #4

No one is ready of a thing
Until he believes he can acquire it.
 Napoleon Hill

We do not know what we want
And yet we are responsible for what we are -
That is the fact.
 Jean-Paul Sartre

To love and the be loved is
To feel sun from both sides.
 David Viscott

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