April 23, 2012

L'Oréal Rouge Caresse

I'm sure that if you're a beauty blog addict like me you will have read a few reviews on this lipstick already. So without further ado, I'm just going to note down my thoughts on this quite unsual lipstick. The color I have is 401 Rebel Red.

The lipstick comes in a solid gold packaging with a clear cap. The shape reminds me of the other L'Oréal lipsticks (Color Riche and Color Riche Serum).

The special feature of these lipsticks clearly is the formula which is fairly new to the market. These are so called Lipstick Hybrids which means that they moisturize your lips like a good lipbalm or lip butter while delivering a settle amount of color unlike tinted lipbalms which really just add a sheen to the lips. 

When unpacking this lipstick for the first time I admit that the color scared me a lot since it's a bright tomato red. But when applying it, I noticed how sheer and yet pigmented the color actually is, hybrid is definitely the best word to desribe this new type of lipstick/lip butter.

They are comparable to the oh-so-famous Revlon lip butters, but unfortunately it's nearly impossible to get Revlon in Germany, so in case you're interested in a comparison, I'll link you to Adrienne's blog here.

The lipstick goes on so smoothly, it glides on like a light lipbalm but it's so moisturizing that this description doesn't really work. I find these to hydrate my lips very well and at the same time, they're really light weight which is amazing. When it comes to lasting power, I had to touch it up after maybe two hours?

These lipsticks have already come out in the UK and will be released in Germany in the middle of may. They sell for £7.99 in the UK and will cost about €10 in Germany.

I have found these lipsticks to be really satisfying, they deliver just the right amount of color for everyday and are absolutely outstanding in terms of hydrating the lips. I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled and I will make sure to pick up another one of those in a neutral shade.

Nathalie xx

Disclaimer: This lipstick was sent to me for free by L'Oréal. All opinions are my own. This post is not sponsored.

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