April 11, 2012

Ombré Nails

I actually like my manicure to be easily done and my nails to look polished and flawless. But every once in a while, I'm in the mood for a change and I guess you can never resist a good trend manicure, right?

The trend I'm talking about this time is called Ombré Nails. This means that you start with a light color all over your nail and then you gradiently sponge darker colors on top. The important factor is to stay within the same color family. I searched the web before to learn about different methods to apply the polish and on my research I stumbled across this version by The Beauty Department (click here).
I have to admit I have found this to be rather difficult and so I just decided to create this mani off the top of my head. I used three purple colors, but you could also use blues or reds instead.

What you need:

• base coat
• 3 different nail polishes: a light color, a dark color and one color in between the two.
• an old makeup sponge (or a new one, doesn't matter)
• a quick-dry top coat
• cotton swaps and nail polish remover to clean up the mess you may have created (I did!)

Step-by-Step Tutorial:

#1: Apply one coat of your favorite base coat to your nails.

#2: Apply two thin coats of the lightest color on to your nails.

#3: Take the sponge and apply the mid color on to one edge; then sponge the color on to two thirds of your nail.

#4: Apply the dark color on to another clean edge of your sponge and sponge that on the first third of your nails.

#5: Apply some more dark color on to your sponge, but only apply it to the very ends of your nail.

#6: Check your nail and make sure it's a proper color gradient.

#7: Apply one coat of your top coat to smooth out the surface, add shine and prevent chipping.

#8: Dip a cotton swap into nail polish remover to remove the mess around your nails.

If you created this, please send me a picture! I hope you liked this!

Lots of love,
Nathalie xx

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