May 13, 2011

In a bad mood on Friday 13th? Cheer yourself up with these tips!

1)  LAUGH! :-)


So now that the babies have cheered you up a bit, you need some dance music :-)
My tips:

3) Eat something delicious (yes, sweets!) 

Why not have Ben & Jerry's ice cream? Or have a nice piece of cake? Everybody knows anything with chocolate is good for our mood (and enjoyed responsibly, it's also not bad for our shape)!
If you rather want to eat fruits, try pineapples or melones. They contain fruit sugar (and much water!), and in addition you will directly get that Carribean feeling.


My suggestions:
• Breakfast at Tiffany's
• 27 Dresses
• Bride Wars
• anything with Ben Stiller
• Valentine's Day
• Love, actually

I hope your mood has improved now :)

Love, xx

May 3, 2011

Raspberry Smoothie

Are you dieting? Have you decided to never eat chocolate, jelly beans and cake anymore? Are you suffering from a terrible yen for something sweet without completely ruining your shape?

Try out a raspberry smoothie! It's delicious, healthy (raspberries have lots antioxidants and Vitamin C!) and it doesn't contain lots of calories. AND a smoothie is so easy to make!

What you need (for one large drink):
• 50 g raspberries (fresh or defrosted)
• 2 table spoons of vanilla ice cream
• 1 table spoon of yoghurt
• 25 g sugar
• 150 ml of milk

How it works:
It's ridiculously easy. Simply put everything in a blender and beat it fluffy. If you want to, garnish your smoothie with fresh raspberries.