September 29, 2011

Fall is coming: 3 tips for transforming your beauty routine

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1. Get rich!
In summer, your skin needs light formulated products like wash gels, light moisturizers and hydrating face masks. In fall and winter, your skin will be exposed to a constant temperature change of cold (outside) and quite hot (inside), so it's important to protect it and help it regenarating. Start using wash lotions and creams with a richer formula again. Also make sure that your toner does not contain too much alcohol (or is alcohol free) because alcohol dries out your skin a lot which is not a big deal in summer but in fall/winter. To pamper your skin additionally, use a deeply moisturizing face mask every once in a while.

2. Ditch the brights!
When days are getting shorter and nights are getting longer, nobody wants to see you running around with a bright turquoise eye liner and electric pink lipstick.
Time for some fall shades! Any kinds of darker colors will work perfectly. Try out deep purple, dark green or a navy, darkish blue for eyeshadow colors if you're sick of dark brown and black. For blush, I'd suggest more bronzy, brown colors and not bright pinks or even lilacs. Find a neutral, down-to-earth shade that works for your skin tone. Prefer richer lipsticks over lipgloss. For lipsticks, stick to neutral shades or try out deeper reds or burgundy colors.
But always remember: Choose either your eyes OR your lips to stand out!

3. Stay natural!
Your skin has to deal with so many different external influences, so don't overdo your makeup. Flawless skin is in right now, but you want it to look flawless and not caky, so don't take too much foundation/concealer/powder to cover up your imperfections. Make sure you use a color that fits your skin! Most people's skin is lighter in winter, so you probably will have to go buy new face makeup one or two shades lighter that your summer shade.

Have fun trying out some new makeup looks (or purchasing lots of new stuff at the drugstore)!

xx, Nathalie

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