July 25, 2012

Wishlist #1

H&M Handbag -29.95€
Jade Stone Ring -6.00€
Manhattan ♥ Modepilot Nail Polish in 02M St. Honoré -3.49€ (to be released August 2nd)

I browse beauty and fashion websites/blogs quite a lot and so there's not one day that I don't see an item I lust after. I try to write them all down and later think about whether I really need (and can afford!) them or not. I have a couple of things on my mind at the moment and thought I'd share them!

The H&M bag was pure handbag love at first sight (cheesy I know), but I just love everything about it and will buy it as soon as I see it in stores! (NOTE: I bought it in a wine red color when I was in town the other day!) The necklace is sold out online already, but I will hopefully get my hands on it next time I am in town. The last fashion-related item is the ring with a Jade stone on it which I had been eyeing for a while and which I finally want to order as I find it to be a good jewellery piece for fall.

Beauty-wise there's not much fancy stuff, I've been looking for a good top coat for ages and so the Essie one shall be mine at some point this month. I'm also in terrible need of a hair oil because my hair has been a dried-out mess lately, salty water and wind have truly sucked every bit of life out of my mane. And last but not least I needed to include a nail polish, this particular one is a dark aubergine color which is right up my street!

I feel like I'm already arming myself for fall even though the weather is quite nice and summery at the moment. Might be due to the fact that it was absolute rubbish for the last couple of weeks?!

What's on your wishlist?

Nathalie x


  1. I love the bag from h&m, the tone look and colour to it is something really different but simple! A staple piece that would go with anything I think!
    Check out my wishlist post :)

    Sam xx

    1. Oh yes! I bought the bag and I love it, I think I will get great use out of it :) Thanks for reading my blog, will make sure to check out yours as well!

      Nathalie xx


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