July 11, 2012

My first MAC Experience

As someone that considers herself to be quite a bit of a makeup addict, it was only a matter of time (and money) for me to finally crack and hit a MAC counter in my town to pick out a product. Exactly this happened the other day when I was in town doing a bit of window shopping. And while I was longingly staring at the long racks packed with any lipstick color and finish you could possibly think of, I knew I needed to get my hands on one of them.

No sooner said than done! Suddenly I found myself sitting on of the chairs with the MAC artist whirling around picking out lipstick shades I might like. I had asked her for a rosy or pink nude, something I would be able to wear on a daily basis. As a true beauty blog reader, the colors Hue, Creme d'Nude and Creme Cup were on top of my list of shades to try and so I had them applied. Apparently not a good idea, the MAC lady said my lips are naturally very pigmented and hence Creme d'Nude looked like concealer on my lips. This caused a tiny moment of desperation in me because now I was completely clueless about what shade or finish I wanted (help!).

Enter Fanfare.

Once the MAC lady applied this shade to my lips, I knew it was love. Described as a "medium, yellow-toned pink brown", this color made my lips (and my face) look absolutely stunning. It just gave me the right amount of color without being too bright. I even noticed slight coral undertones on my lips which contributed to my excitement even more.

I was sold.

After the lady at the counter had reapplied some concealer and also dabbed some highlighter on to my cheekbones, I knew I would come back as soon as possible. I'm only a teenager and I only have a limited budget to spend on movies, clothes, makeup and going out, but I will definitely try to treat myself to a MAC product every once in a while from now on.

What was your first MAC product?

Nathalie x

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  1. I can totally relate! the first time i went to mac, hue and creme de nude were on my list..but those shades are so overrated. there are a lot more shades that are nice and aren't talked about much in the beauty community :) great post!



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