July 30, 2012

My Top 5 Summer Nail Polishes

In Europe, summer seems to come out for a few days every now and then which can be quite annoying, but hey, at least we get some sun and hot temperatures after all, eh?
During the summer time, I don't feel like wearing dark or generally dull polishes at all and so as soon as the first UV rays hit my face, I crack out the brightest bottles of varnish I can find in my collection. The ones above are my top favorites which means that one of those is likely going to adorn my nails when I give myself a mani next time.

Sephora Nail Polish in L11 Samba in Rio
I got this on my trip to Paris and I love it! It's the most gorgeous reddish orange that looks beautiful on both hands and feet. It's also a dream to apply due to its wide diffusion brush and the not-to-runny formula!

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in Mango, Tango
I've recently been into bright orange polish and wore this polish loads. It requires a few coats to be completely opaque -three to be exact- but it's definitely worth the effort!

Manhattan Lotus Effect in 75D (discontinued)
I have a weakness for anything turquoise and so this color is a firm favorite of mine. Two carefully applied coats are all that's needed to acquire the most beautiful turquoise mani.

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer in Jetsetter (Cruise Couture LE)
I had imagined this to be a lot more coral when I bought it, but after it had turned out to be a bright neon-ish pink it didn't stop me from loving this polish. It's a beautiful pedi color but looks pretty on the finger nails as well.

u.m.a 3D crystal shine in laserbeam
No summer nail polish favorites would be complete without a glitter polish and so I thought I'd throw this one in the mix as well. It's basically a topcoat with lots of silver glitter to it, but it's great to make your bright mani stand out a little more by applying this on to your ring finger nail as a little accent!

What are your summer nail polish favorites?

Nathalie x

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