February 6, 2012

When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

This blog is going to change, and here's why:

[To cut the story short]
I actually planned on spending 12th grade in the USA living in a guest family going to high school and having a ton of fun. Of course, things turned out differently. I'm going to stay at home now and first of all graduate from german high school before I go to university. I know that I'll be going to the USA one day, the exchange obviously was just not meant to be. Anyway, as sad as I am, I'm not going to stay at home being depressed and crying over being so close to my dream and then not reaching it.

I'm going to set up a list of things that I plan on achieving this year. They don't always have to be big or very important, but they aim to improve my life and my self-confidence.
On the page named "2012 I'm going to..." I will note down all the goals (and if I'm about to achieve them/did achieve them).

Please understand that this blog now is not a beauty or fashion blog anymore, it's now about me fulfilling my dreams and developing my personality (and yeees, of course I will post some fashion/beauty stuff).

Nathalie x

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