February 19, 2012

Get Healthy Week

OK, I gotta admit something: I became very lazy when it comes to healthy eating. Of course I could use excuses like "Oh, I was so stressed at school" or "I just couldn't do it any other way" but you know: If there's a will there's a way. That's why I thought that this one-week school break might actually just be perfect for eating healthier and feeling better (and also: working out more!).

So from tomorrow, I'm going to document everything I eat on my blog (and I will try to figure out the calories, just to involve some calculus, haha)

I got some rules of thumb made for this experiment, here they are:
• No carbs for dinner
• No snacks like crisps
• If I have a snack in the afternoon (like a piece of cake which I'm trying to avoid), I'll have one yoghurt for dinner
• I'll drink eight glasses of water a day (and no soft drinks)
• One apple a day (+ some more fruit like grapes or mandarines)
• One mug of coffee a day (not more)
• One mug of tea a day (best would be green tea I guess)
• Try to go to the gym, if not possible, do some pilates and yoga at home

I hope I'm able to manage this, but on the other hand: I'm highly motivated!

Nathalie xo

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