February 17, 2012

Mini HAUL: Eyelash Curlers, Lush...

I'm having a mini vacation next week (YAY!) and so today I went to school for only 3 hours of class. It's a tradition to go to town with your friends afterwards, and my girlies and I did. I actually wanted to get way more things, but then I ended up buying these few beauty items.

Beliance Eyelash Curler
I repurchased this, my old one started to squeeze my lashes and make them fall out :(. I had had it for a year or so, I guess you can't expect too much.

Balea Clear-Up Strips
I'm having some massive issues with my face at the moment and so I was is terrible need of some strips to remove all the blackheads I have.

Balea Aqua Sheet Mask
I keep on repurchasing this over and over again: It moisturizes my skin perfectly making it soft and smooth and super hydrated. Plus the smell is really nice!

p2 Cuticle Softener Gel
My cuticles are a serious mess at the moment, completely dried out and cracked (even though I always use hand cream, cuticle cream and stuff). So during my vacation, I will have plenty of time to recover them and make them look nice and beautiful again.

LUSH Fresh Farmacy Sample
My oily skin is breaking out at the moment, not to much, but in a way that calls for extra treatment. I stopped by the new LUSH shop in my town and picked up a sample of this face soap. I hope this is going to turn my skin for the better! Review coming soon.

What did you recently buy?

Nathalie x

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