February 16, 2012

Shopping List Ideas #1 / Feb. 16, 2012

There are a few goodies that I'm really wanting right now, so I thought I'd share a few of them! You should know that I actually have a Word document on my computer where I write down all the things I'm interested in. I constantly update the list (I kick some out again) and after purchasing a product, I'll cross it out.

Here are some extracts:

NYX 10 Color Eyeshadow Palette Caviar & Bubbles

The picture is from here
This is one of the most beautiful everyday eyeshadow palettes EVER. 10 colors that work together in any combination plus, the quality of NYX eyeshadows is (almost) unbeatable. They glide on so smoothly and the pigmentation is outstanding!
Price: $8.50 / £ 10 / €10, available online and in drugstores/perfumeries

NYX Cream Blush Natural
The picture is from here
Talking about NYX, their cream blushes got me totally hooked! Everyone's raving about this color calling the perfect shade for anytime, so I wanna get my hands on this.
Price: $6.75 / £5.50 / €8.95, available online and in drugstores/perfumeries

MAC Paint Pot Painterly
The picture is from here
I know that this is probably THE eyeshadow base for anyone that enjoys makeup, but I'm still kinda struggling with the price tag. This might sound super crazy, and though I plan to get this somewhere special...maybe during my Paris trip in June? Until then, I surely have the money!
Price: $17.50 / £13.50 / €21, available online and in perfumeries

Korres Lip Butter Quince
The picture is from here
I actually wanted to purchase this on feelunique.com, but they're completely out of stock, and so I left my email with them so they can notice me when it's back. I recently became addicted to lip butters and now that spring is coming, the tinted ones caught my attention.
Price: $12 / £5.40 / €7.50, available online (and in stores I guess?)

Random Stuff I want:
• a pair of light blue jeans
• a new pair of black ballet flats (mine are completely worn out!)
• Hair oil (as it makes your hair so smooth and shiny)

What's on your list?

Nathalie x

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