February 12, 2012

Sunday Shopping The Stash (+ included makeup routine)

I do these SSTS posts every once in a while: My collection is not too big, so most of the time, there are no massive changes in my makeup routine. But whenever I got a few new products or I found some pretty color combinations, I will go ahead and write a post. So to keep it short and sweet, these are my weekly faves:

I'm still using my bebe tinted moisturizer (I wanna empty this!) as well as my astor Anti Shine powder (same!). I rediscovered my love to this p2 feel good blush in the color 05 innocent rose. It has some subtile golden shimmer to it which makes me look more awake at 6 o'clock in the morning. I've recently been obsessed with Rimmel's Match Perfection concealer (I'm 030 classic beige), it covers ANY undereye circles. Awesome for when you get 5 hours of sleep a night and drink lots of coffee!

I included two eye primers this week as I use both of them (Note: oily lids can freak you out terribly). I first apply elf eyelid primer in sheer and then a thin coat of artdeco eyeshadow base. When I use these two, my eye makeup will last for 6 hours after all.

My current eye makeup:
The lightest shade from the Catrice Smokey Eyes Set all over my lid. I blend a little of a matt brown essence eyeshadow (01 Always Hippie, Summer of Love LE, but not available anymore) into my crease and then I use a dark brown essence long lasting eye pencil (020 hot chocolate) to line my upper lash line (and to run this along my lower lash line, too). I use Catrice Eyebrow Set for my brows (the darker color) and some p2 eye brightener in my inner eye corners and under the arch of my brows. Then I apply two coats of my Voluminous Million Lashes Mascara (3rd purchase! It's LOVE).

In this cold weather, I'm keeping it fairly simple with my lips. I love all kinds of Boots lip salve and also I like this sheer nude lipstick by essence (52 in the nude).

So that's it for this week, lovelies!

Have a great week,
Nathalie x

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