February 24, 2012

Maybelline Moisture Extreme

I've started purchasing lipsticks last year (at the age of 16!) as I always loved lip gloss way more. But 2011, I decided that it was my #1 task to find amazing nude lipsticks to replace my ever present glosses (of which I was kinda tired). Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy wearing gloss, but now that I've found lipsticks like the Maybelline Moisture Extreme, I'm drawn to lipsticks WAY more.


 Moisture Extreme lipsticks come in solid packagings which are whether metallic red or beige colored.


I'm reviewing "Pinky beige" which I would describe as a beige nude with a generous amount of pink to it. To me, this is the most beautiful nude color I own at the moment. It's very neutral but does not completely wash you out and make you look more dead than alive. Hence is the perfect addition to your everyday makeup as it adds a tiny pop of color to your face (as I said, tiny!). Pinky Beige is part of the "Natural Nudes" Range.


The formula of these lipsticks is wonderful, it glides on better than any chapstick I have (no lie!) and deeply moisturizes your lips (and yet it's so pigmented!). It almost leaves a glossy finish while feeling super soft on the lips.


My new obsession. I've swatched a couple of other shades and I'm dying to get my hands on them as every single one of them is truly beautiful.

Nathalie x

P.S.: For further information, check out Adrienne's review.

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