February 18, 2012

Best & Worst: Makeup/Hair Looks

Best makeup and hair looks from 2/12/2012 until 02/18/2012.


Adele (Of course! But you already knew that)
The picture is from here
We all know that Adele is currently like the most amazing and beautiful and everything person on this planet, so this is just eyecandy for you. Flawless face, sharped eyeliner and perfect red lips. Need to say more?

Carrie Underwood
The picture is from here
Carrie is always looking extremely gorgeous, but at the Grammys this year, she seriously kicked it. This is perfection: just look at those feathery false lashes! And the effortless hair! No, I'm not jealous...well, maybe a little.

Miley Cyrus (Oh yeah!)

The picture is from here
I absolutely love Miley's new haircut, these short layers frame her face so well. I also love the dip dye! I don't think something like that would ever look good on me, but it definitely does on her.


Rihanna (Oh girl!)
The picture is from here
Besides the fact that her dress was showing off quite a lot, her hair was a mess. The first thing that came my mind when I saw it was "OMG, she looks like a cockerspaniel!". Pleeeease, get your hair dyed and cut Riri. Oh, and what I almost forgot: her makeup is fine, can't say anything bad against smokey eyes and a pale pink lip.

Lindsay Lohan (as always?!)

The picture is from here
I somehow feel sorry about putting her in this section, but I don't have a choice. Her overly platin blonde hair looks pretty damaged and then...where's the makeup? I can detect some improvements like evened out skin, but what's going on with the eyes? Even I put much more effort in my makeup (and I'm only going to school or what)!

What were your hits and misses this week?


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