October 17, 2011

Monday Questionnaire: October 17th, 2011

Hey guys!
I finally got the time to do the monday questionnaire, so here we go:

1.) Mood
Bad. Got some health problems right now, probably need surgery. Not the best start into this week.

2.) What do you hear right now?
I'm currently listening to 'Somewhere only we know' by Keane on my iTunes. Love that song so much!

3.) Do you have any tattoos?

4.) Current nail polish
essence's 'Trust in fashion'. Gorgeous fall green!

5.) What is your favorite pair of shoes?
My classic cream-colored 4,5-inch pumps. I don't really get to wear them very often, but I always enjoy doing so!

6.) Current outfit
Dark blue Skinnies, black t-shirt, checked shirt (arms uprolled and ends knotted).

7.) Do you collect anything?
I started collecting makeup this year, but besides that...I always buy postcards wherever I go and keep them all in a box.

8.) What is your favorite perfume (or body/soap scent if you don't wear perfume)?
For every day: Kate by Kate Moss. For special occassions: YSL's Parisienne. ♥

9.) Do you feel younger or older that your current age?
Well, I'm 16 right now, but somehow I feel older, like 19 or 20. I always felt a little bit older than many of the people that are at my age.

10.) Weekly goals
Pass the chemistry test, find a halloween outfit, start going to the gym again.


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