October 15, 2011

Easy 5-Minute Fall Eye Makeup

Hey guys!
Today I got the newest issue of the german GLAMOUR and their beauty shoot totally inspired me to do this super quick, but 100% glam eye makeup.

I decided to use my beloved BHCosmetics 88 Neutral Palette (similar to Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette) because it has the widest variety of colors for this look.

The picture is from here
About the numbers: I counted the colors top down in each vertical row.

So let's get started!

Prime your eye lids. Also apply a little bit of eye primer on your lower lash line because we're also going to put some shadow there.

Take a big flat shader brush and apply the color n°84 (a matte, cognac brown) on your entire eye lid and blend it upwards until you almost reach your brows (leave a little space!). Take the tip of your brush to apply a hint of color along your lower lash line.

Take a big fluffy shadow brush and hold it one the very end (that's going to make the strokes really feathery). Take the color n°56 and tap off any excess. Lightly sweep the color over the other shadow. Blend in well and don't forget to sweep a little bit of the color along your lower lash line.

4 Line your upper lash line with a black eye liner (if you feel like that's to harsh for you, go for dark brown).

5 Curl your lashes and apply to coats of your favorite black mascara.

About the rest of your makeup:
Work a light foundation into your skin to get a flawless teint. Accentuate your cheeks with a brownish blush. Last but not least, apply a nude lipstick on your lips.

I hope you guys enjoyed this little tutorial!


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