November 18, 2011

QUIZ: What's your perfect holiday makeup?

Hey guys!
I know that a lot of you are probably struggling with what makeup you're going to wear this christmas. I admit that it's a little early to think about it now, but when you have a clue about how your makeup should look like, you still got thechance to get your hands on the cute (LIMITED!) holiday collections by MAC, Sleek, Chanel etc.
So let's just jump right into it!

1.) Are you into wearing glitter?
A: Well, depends on where and how much.
B: Oh yes, I love glitter!
C: Hell, no!

2.) Do you want your makeup to be more subtle or more eye-catching?
A: Eye-Catching, please!
B: A little bit of both, I would say.
C: Subtle, but festive, is what I want.

3.) Do you like trying out (glamorous) colors when it comes to makeup?
A: Yeah, I do!
B: No, not really.
C: Yes, but only subtle ones like some berry shades.

Mostly A: Tiffany's Deep Purple Smokey Eye
This look is perfect for everyone who likes to try out some color, but who also wants to looks glamorous and festive. Dark purple is very noble and combined with some shimmery grey shades, it makes the perfect holiday look for you!

Mostly B: Allison's Shimmery Grey Eye
If you're not into wearing colors, but into glitter even more, this is the perfect look for you! A shimmery grey smokey eye is always gorgeous, combined with the highlighter and the shimmery lips, it's a wonderful holiday look.

Mostly C: Ingrid's Subtle Brown Eye + Berry Lips
If you're one of those who tend to love and wear warmer colors, then this is your look. The warm brown eye makeup matches the beautiful berry lip.

Note: The videos are just suggestions for you that are supposed to guide you. Use the makeup that you have (or that you're going to buy: We all go a little crazy before christmas!). You can totally change the looks, my tips:
• Look A/B/C: Add false lashes if the eyes are not dramatic enough for you.
• Look C: Apply a berry lipstick (and not a lipstain) to achieve more coverage and a deeper color.
• Look A: If you don't like purple, use a dark green or blue.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post!
Have fun playing around with your makeup to find out which look is YOUR look!

Lots of love,
Nathalie T

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