November 10, 2011

My foundation tips: Buy the right one!

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Hey guys!

So today, I wanted to talk to you about a very important topic: buying the right foundation. I've recently seen an elder woman who was wearing makeup...but she kinda looked like an orange with it (sorry to say, but it's true!). That was when I realized that there are still too many women running around with cheap, orange-tinted foundation.
I'm not the first one that talks about this topic and I will probably not be the last one, but I thought I share my favorite tips with you:

1.) Be careful with the price!
That might sound ridiculous, but is indeed very important. From what I experienced, the cheapest foundations often have an orange tint to it which is super unflattering on EVERYONE. That doesn't mean you'll have to spend dozens of dollars/euros/pounds on a really great makeup, but please don't believe that a $1 foundation will be the best one you've ever used. Better go to your local drugstore and try out a couple in the middle price range (5-7 dollars/pounds/euros). If you can splurge more, I'd suggest going to a MAC counter because there you can probably get any foundation possible.

2.) Choose the right formula for your skin tone!
Dry Skin
Get a moisturizing, creamy foundation. It should leave your skin hydrated, so if your skin starts tensing after 3 hours, the formula probably does not work for you.

Normal Skin
Lucky you! Get a light, but slightly creamy foundation that lets your skin breathe. Moisturizing ingredients will leave your skin super gorgeous.

Buy a very light foundation that mattifies your skin. Make sure that it doesn't make your skin break out, it should let your pores breathe!

3.) Get the right shade!
Finding the right foundation shade is the hardest thing to do when buying a new foundation. Usually you can divide the shades into 3 main groups: light, medium and dark. Once you know which shades might fit you, you gotta start swatching!
My tips:
• Never swatch the foundation on the back of your hand. Let a makeup artist apply it or apply it yourself ON TO YOUR FACE. Only there you can see how the color turns out.
• Check out how the color looks like in natural daylight (very important!).
• Not sure at all? Ask a friend for honest advice. If you ask politely at the counter, you will probably get a sample so that you can try the foundation a couple of times at home before actually deciding to buy it.

Once you know which shades usually fit your skin, buying foundation get a lot easier!

I hope that these tips helped you :)

Nathalie x

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