August 18, 2012

Renaming my blog

Hi everyone!

This post is a little off topic from what I usually do and I really hope you don't mind that. If you read this, you obviously know the (rather long) name of my beauty/fashion/food ramble blog which is the reason that I am writing these words:

I am not happy with my blog name.

I once made it up on a whim, wanting a blog that would represent my 'life situation' as I had set up a big list of things to achieve, but now I find it too long and I am surely not going to be 17 forever (I'm not Edward Cullen after all, eh?).

I'm currently compiling a list of possible names, but I also wanted to hear your opinions and maybe your ideas for a new blog name? Once I've figured out the one I like best, I will rename my blog and also finally start to create a proper layout.

Thanks for your help!

Nathalie xx


  1. You could have something to do with your name, maybe a favorite thing/book/person/film or something completely made up? :-) I've regularly seen people just use their names. It's quite nice.
    Elle - xo

    1. That's a really cool idea, involving my name makes it a little more personal which is kind of where I want to go :) I think it worked well for you, your blog name is so nice! :)

      Nathalie xx


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