August 7, 2012

Essie Good To Go

I could never be bothered with wearing a topcoat over my manicure. When I was younger, I accidentally scratched all of my exercise books with my nail polish which ended up in bright red or blue marks all over the place -not pretty! I then tried a couple of drugstore topcoats, but none of them was really satisfying.

Enter Essie Good To Go.

Being a favorite of many beauty junkies and manicurists (aka people who know what they are doing), I finally decided to get my hands on this. It claims to "dry within seconds", seal your manicure and add a glossy shine to it. And you know what, it's all true!

I apply it on to my still wet nail polish and then let it work its magic. After five minutes or so, I can already gently touch the surface of the nail without leaving marks or fingerprints on it. Overall, I'd say it takes a good hour for the entire manicure to completely dry and harden.

In terms of staying power I cannot praise this enough! I normally do my nails on sunday and with Good To Go on, I can easily go a couple of days without having to touch up or redo my nails. As I am now starting my senior year in high school, this is definitely going to save me some time and nerves :)

Overall, I love this topcoat and would highly recommend picking it up as it really does work. It makes my manicure look so much more beautiful while preventing chipping and speeding up the drying process.

What's your favorite topcoat?

Nathalie x


  1. I would also recommend the sally hansen instadry topcoat if fast drying is something you're interested in. I am terrible in terms of ruining my nails through sheer impatience, so something like the instradry is great because it stops you from ruining your nails (within reason) by touching them and stuff after just a minute. Great review!

    1. I so agree! I used to paint my nails an hour or so before I went to bed and always ended up with sheet marks all over my manicure ;) Thanks for the recommendation, as a very impatient girl I'm always interested in anything quick drying. I will definitely get the Sally Hansen one then! x

  2. Replies
    1. I'm currently falling in love with Essie ;) Best nail polishes I've tried! x

  3. I've never used an essie top coat, only the grow richer which I've purchased quite recently, I must give it a try it sounds super!

    1. Oh I haven't tried Grow Richer yet, but it seems to be really good! Good To Go is amazing, let me know how you like it :) x


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