August 20, 2012

NOTD: Catrice Jetsetter (Cruise Couture LE)

We're currently experiencing a super duper hot summer over here in Germany, so I've really been cracking out the brightest nail polishes I own recently, going from bright orange to vibrant turquoise until I have landed in the most girly color family of all: pinks!

Now truth be told, I've never been a big fan of pink nail polish, always afraid of looking like a poor Barbie look-a-like, but this polish has truly changed my mind.

Unfortunately the photos don't do it justice, in reality it's the most beautiful vibrant, almost neon-ish pink color with a subtle hint of coral to balance out all the girliness. I've been wearing it throughout the entire summer and I still can't seem to get tired.

Catrice nail polishes apply like a dream due to the wide brush and the creamy, not too runny formula. This one requires one coat to be opaque, but only the second one reveals it's neon prettiness. With a top coat on, this polish lasts on my nails for a good 4-5 days before I feel the need to touch up.

This polish was part of a limited edition, but as a dupe I would highly suggest Essie's Camera from the Poppy Razzi LE which is a tad bit more coral, but still absolutely gorgeous!

Are you into pink nail polish?

Nathalie xx


  1. I wear bright nails all the time, who says to keep it just in summer? XD

    I've tagged you in The Sunshine Award, I hope you don't mind! You can find it here,yay!

    1. There's just too many beautiful nail polish colors, eh? ;)
      Wow I am genuinely flattered, thank you so much! What an honor! Will make sure to do it this weekend when I have a bit of spare time for blogging :)

      Nathalie xx


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