June 18, 2012

What's In My Suitcase?! + Tips For Packing!

Hey everyone!

So as I'm leaving for a 4-day trip to Paris, France tomorrow, I thought it might be a nice idea to show you what I'm bringing with me and how I pack my suitcase in general! Now I'm going by train (it's only a 2-hour travel), but even if you're going by plane, this might be helpful for you too.

Please note that I am going on a class trip, so obviously I would not take things like a "fun" makeup bag with me if I were going with my parents or alone. But three friends of mine and I are sharing a hotel room, so of course we're doing some girly stuff then!

First of all, the suitcase I'm bringing is by Samsonite and it's an older version of this one (link). It's perfect for one person that's going away for multiple days. I like how it's very structured which makes organizing a lot easier.

In the big front pocket, I keep a book by Janet Evanovich, a bright easy-to-grab scarf and my sleep mask. I also put some wet wipes in there just in case.

The inside

Behind the mesh: I keep my IKEA pillow in there (can't sleep without it). On the left, I have my straighteners and on the right, I keep chargers and a multiple plug.

In the plastic pocket: I keep extra beauty products in there such as after-sun lotion or eye drops. I also have some "women's stuff" as well as medecine (iron supplements and Aspirin).

On the left: The plastic bag holds my black chucks. The pile below it has my H&M trenchcoat down on the bottom over which I have a pair of sweatpants, denim shorts and another pair of denims. On top, I have my pyjama.

On the right: The right pile has all of my shirts/tank tops and some cardigans. I also threw my green flower scarf by H&M in there. Plus, there's another multiple plug (you never know...).

In between: I keep underwear and socks there.

In the side pocket:  That's where I keep my lavender ballet flats.

These are some bags that I could not fill completely yet, but they will go on top or into the gaps of my suitcase:

The left bag holds all of my everyday toiletries.

The right bag holds all of my "fun" makeup like bright eyeshadow (It's a girls' room haha)

The left bag holds a few jewellery bits (mostly bracelets) as well as a pair of sunglasses.

The right bag contains all of my everyday makeup .


Tip #1: Make lists
Try to sit down a few days before and make lists of everything you want to bring with you, i.e. which clothes, which shoes, what makeup... This keeps you from madly running around in your apartment throwing stuff randomly together.

Tip #2: Organize your stuff
Suitcases come with different compartments, so try to organize your stuff by them. One compartment for extra products and medecine, another one for electronical things like chargers or straighteners etc.
Also divide your clothes into categories. One pile for bottoms, one pile for tops, one pile for dresses/skirts.

Tip #3: Buy travel sizes
If you use quite a few different products everyday, it's smarter to buy travel sizes of them rather than bringing the actual full sizes. You could also depot products into smaller containers. This will save you lots of space in your toiletry bag!

Tip #4: Take your time
Procrastinating a major task like packing is tempting, but you will hate yourself for doing so when you start packing late at night and you have to leave very early the next morning. Better try to start early, but allow yourself to take breaks.

Tip #5: Get up early enough
If you wake up literally just in time to get ready, you will find yourself totally stressed out because your suitcase is not completely packed yet. Better give yourself an extra 30 minutes the morning you leave, that way you can get ready stress-free and you also won't be as likely to forget something important.

Have a lovely vacation!

Nathalie x

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