June 23, 2012

Paris Haul!

Hi guys!

I safely arrived home yesterday from a lovely 4-day trip to Paris. I experienced so much and am still a bit overwhelmed by everything! We did loads of sightseeing, but our teachers allowed us one or two hours every now and then for a bit of shopping and relaxing too. I actually didn't buy that much as it was more important to me to get a few bits that are not that easily available near me.

We took a little trip to Sephora on Champs Elysées and it was fantastic! I swatched dozens of products and perfumes and picked up a few pieces I wanted to try.

Yes To Carrots Lip Butter in Berry
I have wanted this for ages and it hasn't disappointed me at all! It's a very moisturizing lip balm that leaves the slightest glossy sheen on my lips. This might become a new handbag essential of mine!

Sephora Eau Micellaire Démaquillante / Triple Action Cleansing Water
Everyone in the beauty world is raving about micellar solutions for removing your makeup, so I figured I would give the Sephora one a whirl. I might purchase the full size if I like it!

Sephora Thé Vert Eau de Toilette / Green Tea Eau de Toilette
I love green tea and when I saw this in store, I just had to test it out. It smells very refreshing and I feel like it's a nice little perfume to keep in your bag during the summer time!

Sephora Nail Polish in L11 Samba in Rio
I was admiring all the nail polishes they had in store and I picked out this bright coral color with a bit of red. I'm excited to see how it applies, wears and all that stuff. Expect a "Daily Nail" post soon!

I also passed what felt like a zillion of magazine stands and got the July issue of Glamour (which was on a €1 offer, score!). I read a bit of this on the train back home and really like it so far! Oh and yes, I do speak french ;-)

We checked out multiple souvenir shops at Montmartre and I also got a few things there. First of all, I got myself a cute mug with the Paris writing on it. I also always get some Eiffel Tower key chains because they're really cheap and I also lose them all the time haha! Oh and I found the prettiest silver charm bracelet too :)

We also stepped into the H&M store on Champs Elysées, it's my tradition to go there every time I am in Paris. It's the H&M biggest store I've ever been to and also it's the only store I know that gives away paper bags instead of the boring plastic ones. I got a satin-like carrée which I absolutely adore (and adore is an understatement here). It looks so chic and elegant! Besides, I got my hands on this cute rose gold bracelet that actually goes very well with the scarf.

So at this point my Paris Haul technically ends, but I came home to a parcel from the lovely Cream with an eyeshadow I had purchased in her blogsale a week ago. As I was still all in my "Parisienne" mode, I allowed these two products to go in here as well.

I bought the Shady Lady Single Eyeshadow by theBalm in "Just this once Jamie". It was swatched 2-3 times and had the slightest crack in the tin, but since I picked it up for half the RRP, that evens out everything for me. I used it today and I don't think it's too much when I say it's absolutely gorgeous! I have a makeup post including this shadow coming Sunday or Monday, so stay tuned!

The Parcel also included a generous gift, the Avon Moisture Seduction gloss in "Violet Beauty". I love the marble gloss design inside the bottle and overall I think it's very nicely packaged. The color itself is a bright violet, but it's very sheer on the lips. Now the downside of this product is that it's quite sticky in my opinion and also that it contains a lot of glitter. After removal, there were still some bits of it on my lips. Maybe I can make it work although (on wind-free days, haha!).

Have a lovely weekend!

Nathalie x

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