June 28, 2012

School to Summer TAG!

Hey everyone!

I was really in the mood for completing a tag today and so I searched youtube for a summer related one. I saw that Kristee aka StrawberryElectric48 had done the "School to Summer TAG' and I found this to be perfect for me. She tagged everyone to do it, so here are the questions and my answers to them:

1.) What grade did you just complete?

I just finished 11th grade in high school (junior year).

2.) What classes did you take?

I took German and English (both 5 periods), then Calculus, French, Chemistry and Political Education (all 4 periods each). I also took Arts, PE, Religious Education and Seminar Course (all 2 periods each). The latter is a class where you learn how to properly make presenations, prepare essays and other useful things like that.

3.) What advice would you give to someone going into this grade next year?

Work hard! Junior year has been the toughest grade for me so far, and my advice is really to stay focused on school and to put everything else back. Junior and senior year are probably the most important ones to your career, and I promise you will regret it if you didn't do anything for school but went out partying all the time. Oh and also make sure to stay organized, keep all your papers because you will need them for revising for your final exams!

4.) When did/do you get out for summer break?

I'm getting out for summer break tomorrow which makes me really excited! I'm facing six weeks for relaxing, holiday and generally doing everything that I want to. Well-needed after this tough school year :)

5.) Are you going on any vacations this summer? Where?

I'm going on a one-week vacation with my family in my third week of summer vacation and I'm already looking forward to it! We rented a really cute vacation apartment by the seaside in Northern Germany, the town we're living is just beautiful. Besides, I may or may not go on a few day trips to bigger cities, but I don't know yet.

6.) My favorite part about summer is...

Getting to live in the day. I neither have to get up at 5.30am nor is my day scheduled in any way (except for meeting friends or certain appointments for sure). I can do whatever I want to and when I want to do it. Pure freedom!

7.) Do you have any goals you want to reach by the end of the summer?

I definitely want to read a few good books, finish all seasons of Pretty Little Liars and also do some DIY projects. I'm obsessed over selfmade bracelets on Pinterest at the moment, so I really want to do that. I just want to get a bit creative and make sure that I really have a great time!

8.) Are you going to any concerts or other fun events?

I actually haven't planned that out yet. But I would really love to go to an outdoor movie screening!

9.) Who do you tag?

All of you, of course! And if you do this tag, please send me the link to your post/video in the comments so I can see it :)

Have a great summer vacation!

Nathalie x

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