December 21, 2011

The Daily Nail: 2 Holiday Nail Ideas (+ Tutorials!)

1.) Golden-Red Half-Moon Nails

I love the combination of red and golden nail polish: so festive! Especially when worn as half-moon nails which are -really- super easy to do!

• Apply a base coat on to your nails.
• Add one coat of an opaque golden nail polish (you may want to go over it in case it doesn't cover perfectly).
• Put one reinforcement ring on each of your nail, creating a half-moon shape.
• Use an opaque (bloody) red nail polish and paint the rest of your nails.
• Let dry properly.
• Carefully remove the reinforcement rings and apply a clear top coat.

2.) Easy Peasy Candy Cane Nails

These cute candy cane nails look very special, but are in fact easy to make (if you have a steady hand!).

• Apply a base coat.
• Add one coat of an opaque, solid red nail polish on to your nails.
• Use a white striper or a french nails tip painter to create diagonal stripes on your nails. I painted 3 stripes on each of my fingers except for the thumbs: on those I added one more stripe. Do as many as you nail length lets you!
• Apply a glittery red nail polish on to your nails.

- second look & tutorial borrowed from, but tried and tested (and loved!) all by myself :)
- for the second look I used essence's nail polish duo in 'applause applause' from the Circus Circus LE

I hope that you liked this post!


Nathalie x


  1. Hiya, I'm wanting to start up blogging about beauty/fashion, at the minute my blogs lacking anythign too exciting, so i've been browsing around some sites looking for some inspiration and I've came across yours.

    I really love the red nails with the gold moons. My nails are currently all bitten off, but this has inspired me to stop the biting.

    Hope you don't mind me following you.


    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad I could inspire you, of course I don't mind you following me ;)
      Hope you stay interested in my blog.
      Nathalie xx


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