December 8, 2011

3 Beauty/Fashion/Food Tips That Will Simplify Your Life

1.) Get perfect cat-eyes in 5 minutes!
Jane Marie's Cat-Eye Tutorial shows you how effortlessly drawing a cat-eye is using scotch tape.

How to Be a Girl: Cat Eyes By Magic! from The Hairpin on Vimeo.

Note: I tried and tested it! Works perfectly!

2.) Discover new ways to wear your scarves!
This is a must for everyone that likes fashion, even if just a tiny bit. Stun your friends by wearing your scarves differently every day.

3.) Drink more water!
Everybody's preaching that drinking water is good for your skin, but you can't brace yourself up for it though?
Five reasons that drinking water is good for you:
• Your skin will be a lot more moisturized (It's winter time! It's important!)
• Your under-eye circles will (almost) disappear
• Your tummy will appear thinner
• You won't be hungry as often as now (another bonus for your body)
• Your body will be cleansed (bad toxins can get out of your body)

Four tips to drink more water:
• Always carry a bottle of water with you (if you see it, you will drink it!)
• Eat water rich foods such as watermelon or tomatoes
• Plan how much water you want to drink a day (e.g. eight 8-ounce-glasses)
• Add lemons or limes to your water if you find the "original" taste way too boring

I hope you that liked this post!

Love, Nathalie x

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