February 9, 2013

January Fashion Favorites

After typing down my January Beauty Favorites about a week ago, I thought it would be a lovely idea to share some fashion and jewellery bits I'm into at the moment.

1. Infinity Scarves
I love infinity scarves as they are so easy to throw on and amp up any outfit I'm wearing. I got these two numbers for christmas/my birthday. The left one is from H&M and made out of heavy wool material and has tiny magenta-colored sequins running through it. The other one is from Pieces and has the most beautiful floral pattern I've ever seen. I genuinely love wearing them both!


2. Tie-neck blouses
To me, tie-neck blouses are the definition of effortlessly chic fashion. They dress up a simple combination of jeans and heels with ease and turn it into an evening-appropriate outfit. The left one is from H&M which I bought as a treat to myself before Christmas. It's made out of a gorgeous, silky material which I simply adore. The right one I got online at a Vintage shop. It's floral-patterned and has ruffled detailing on either side of the bow.

3. Classic silver jewellery
I only wear silver jewellery as it's the hardware I prefer, plus it looks better against my cool-toned skin and hair. I love pearls right now, I usually wear all the bits shown below at the same time. The bracelet I got in the last Accessorize sale, the studs from a local boutique and the ring is from here.

I've also been obsessed with my new Fossil watch I got for my birthday. It's the perfect statement accessory, although I don't only use it for that purpose of course. I've been wearing a watch ever since I was ten years old, so not wearing one makes me feel very odd. The bracelet shown I got from souvenir shop in Paris, it's got all these tiny charms of the Eiffel tower, Arc de Triomphe and some hearts on it as well.

What are your current favorite fashion bits?

Nathalie x

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  1. LOVE that floral scarf and the bracelet from Paris! So cute! Lovely post :)


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