April 25, 2011

Nail Colors S/S 2011: Anything goes

This summer I'd love to spend my entire money on nail colors. You think I'm crazy? Well, I'm sure you agree after reading this.

Red nails will always be great!

Why we love it:
Red always works. Always. It makes a woman looks strong and confident. And you can wear it with everything.

This summer, the coolest red is bright red (e.g. YSL Rouge Sublime). You don't really want to run around in dark red nails when the sun is shining, do you?


Fergie from BEP with orange nails

Why we love it:
Because the Neon trend never really dies and everyone is tired of pink. Red's little sister is so much cooler! (e.g. OPI In my Back Pocket)


Why we love it:
Any shades work. No matter if a pastell turqouise or an electric blue, blue is the new red (well, almost). (e.g. Essie Greenport, OPI Lincoln Park at Midnight


Why we love it:
Violet is a very fashionable color. With sparkling particles, it looks even more great so that we absolutely wanna have it! (USLU Airlines, AIT -Aitutaki, Cook Islands)


Why we love it: 
Pastell colors are as soft as you favorite ice cream from your favorite Gelateria. Especially toffee is a big trend this summer (as seen here at Valentino). (e.g. Nails Inc., Basil Street Pale)

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