September 23, 2012

Empties #4

Hi everyone!

Long time, to talk! I am genuinely sorry about that, but I am just so busy right now that I barely have a minute or two to sit down and breathe after all, so I neglected my blog a whole lot which I never meant to but oh well, sometimes life doesn't go how you want it to, right? I am now trying to at least schedule two or three posts every weekend that go up throughout the week then, so fingers crossed this is going to work out!

Anway, I have of course accumulated a shedload of empty products while I was gone from the bloggingsphere and I thought I would give you some mini reviews on them!


Oh my gawd, I cannot tell you how much I love this shampoo! I picked it up earlier this year after my hairstylist had used it on me and I can tell you, it is a beaut. It lathers up very well (a little bit goes a long way here) and makes your hair feel so smooth without weighing it down. It is a bit pricey, but so worth it for me!

A brilliant hydrating conditioner, it smoothes my ends and makes my hair feel very soft. I bought the full size and am still using it at the moment, but I will keep this mini container as it's so handy for traveling.


A nice cleansing gel I once got in a sample size. I found it quite stripping though, I currently prefer cream cleansers especially with fall/winter coming right up because they are more moisturizing.

Another mini size I once bought for traveling. It cleanses my skin very nicely, but since I need some spot fighting ingredients, this just didn't cut it for me. I'd highly recommend it for normal skin types or generally for anyone that's looking for a fuss-free, gentle face wash!

Isana Creme Dusche Aloe Vera
Not much to say about this one, it's a basic shower gel that did the job, but I would not repurchase as the scent was rather 'blah' and it wasn't particularly moisturizing either.

I always rave about these Garnier body lotions because they are oh so moisturizing and keep your skin penetrated for longer than your normal body lotion does. This gel creme is a lighter formula, but just as amazing as the original one.


It's a nice toothpaste, I didn't see much of a whitening effect on my teeth though. I have very sensitive teeth and Sensodyne really helped me!

Essence Caring Nail Oil
I have so much unconditional love for this little thing, it keeps my cuticles and nails soft and healthy and it smells like apricots --need I say more? Oh maybe that I repurchased and still use it every single day without fail.

I'm not fussy about nail polish remover, I however tend to buy the more hydrating one (previously green packaging, now lilac). It helps with brittle nails and has been the only one I use for a year now?

What products have you emptied lately?

Nathalie x


  1. I love reading empties posts! Good job finishing it all.

    Follow back?

    1. Ah me too! It's so interesting to see what people actually use up rather than only seeing them purchase things.

      Nathalie x


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