January 15, 2012

Figs and Rouge Ltd. Rambling Rose Balm

At first: I'm very sorry for the lack of posting, I actually wanted to do better, but you know life, and so school and some other stuff didn't give me much time to post.

Anyway, I recently purchased this lipbalm (that I absolutely love!) and I thought I'd show you:

I'm talking about the Figs & Rouge Ltd. Rambling Rose Balm, here you have some pics:

I heard of this when I read that Emma Watson is in love with this balm and so I wanted to try it.

• It's 100% organic and natural, which means no preservatives etc.
• It smells like real roses (not chemical at all!)
• It moisturizes your lips without softening them too much
• It leaves your lips smooth and with a glossy appearance
• The packaging is incredibly gorgeous and beautiful!
• It's a multi-purpose balm; I like to smear it on to my cuticles (works wonders)

• If you have really badly cracked lips, I don't recommend this (go for Carmex instead!)

Nathalie x

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